Achievement Spotlight: Altrimese Davis

Achievement Spotlight: Altrimese Davis

We are proud to highlight one of our own, Altrimese Davis, for recently earning her masters degree. We are so supportive of our team members who are working to advance their professional development, so we thought we would recognize Altrimese for all of her hard work, and have her share some advice to those of us who are considering going back to school.

Q: You started working with us in August 2016. What have you enjoyed most about working with us the past three years?
A: Flexible schedule, family-oriented business

Q: You started working with us in August 2016. What have you enjoyed most about working with us the past three years?
A: While I really love the flexible schedule that I have here at Eldercare, I mostly enjoy working for a family-oriented business. Everyone is so genuinely friendly and caring that it feels like family.

Q: Tell us a little more about your background before you started working for Eldercare At Home.
A: Before Eldercare I was a medical supervisor teaching at an assisted living facility while studying for my bachelors degree at Shaw University.

Q: Who or what influenced your decision to go back to school and finish your degree?
A: Well, losing my father suddenly encouraged me to go back to school along with the support of my family and friends. I ultimately wanted more out of life and most of all I wanted to accomplish my goals and dreams.

Q: Tell us about your degree field and what future plans you have?
A: I now have a masters degree in management and leadership and a bachelor’s degree in sociology. As far as my future plans I want to own my own agency like Eldercare but offer private pay services only. I would love to manage people, run a successful business and sit at my desk and look out the windows.

Q: What hobbies or community activities are you involved with or have previously been involved with?
A: Bowling, dancing, Leadership Society Club, and Eastern Star. I love to smile, laugh and be happy!

Q: Do you have any special tips to share for someone wanting to go back to school and pursue a higher level of education or specialization degree? Any advice on how you juggled and balanced work, home life, extra activities and school?
A: You can do anything that you put your mind to. The truth is that you have to really want it! Obstacles will come so stay focused and remember the reason you started in the first place. Follow your dreams and never give up no mater what. Dust yourself off and try again. Prayer and endurance is how I juggled it all. It wasn’t easy, I had to have faith and patience to keep going. My advice would be to stay positive no matter what situation you may face. It’s all up to you so stay encouraged.

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