Obstacles Motivate Yushonda Midgette To Do Great Things

To say Yushonda Midgette is a go-getter is an understatement; this very capable lady is like a rocket ship reaching for the stars. Most of us have a goal or two in life and aspire to reach those goals before we slow down for retirement; Yushonda is like the energizer bunny who just keeps on going!

Born in Durham, North Carolina, Yushonda grew up within a very supportive, creative family. She was dancing from the age of three and soon added drama, acting, and poetry to her repertoire. She grew up wanting to be a news anchor so she studied communications at Fayetteville State University. Yushonda was a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and became Sorority Queen at the age of 18. For her pageant community service, she chose to work with the elderly in Pender County. Later, she completed her Bachelor’s in Communications at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Yushonda is proud that she and her three siblings all graduated from college and credits her parents with being their biggest influencers. Both parents were educators and ministers and her grandfather was also a minister. Yushonda gravitated toward ministry when she discovered a love of public speaking that also inspired her to found her own talk show, “The Call with Yushonda” which she successfully hosted for15 years to an audience of 200,000. She ultimately became a nationally syndicated radio host with her radio show, “After-School Roll Call,” which tackles challenges faced by parents and children and offers tips that can be used to enhance education and help at-risk youth.

One of Yushonda’s biggest challenges in life was dealing with her grandmother’s illness. Although her educational goals may have been on hold during that time, Yushonda continued her work as a pastor and kept up her radio and television work. She also found time to work as a teacher’s assistant and to act in several movies. She says, “I have lived a very fruitful life and have learned from the different obstacles in my life; they motivated me to be greater.”

Sadly, her grandmother died in 2013, but Yushonda found plenty of things to fill the void. As a result of her grandmother’s illness, she found comfort working with the elderly. Yushonda also loves working with children and the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School inspired her to write and perform a music video and establish a non-profit called “Keeping Kids Safe in School.”

Despite having no children of her own, she continues to work with at-risk youth on the weekends and to dream big. Yushonda wants to open a school one day so she returned to UNCW to study for her Master’s Degree in Arts and Teaching and supported herself by working with the elderly. In 2016, she became a health care aid and discovered a new family: Eldercare. She says, “The staff is very loving; they work with you.” She enjoys going into home environments, being a companion for people in need, adapting to different situations, and helping people regain control of their lives.

Yushonda’s own life is very full, yet she seems to take it all in her stride. When asked how she fits everything in, she says, “You need to have passion.” Having just graduated with her Master’s in December 2017, she is obviously very motivated to do more. Her next venture—a Doctorate in Education—begins in the New Year with online classes through Liberty University.

Yushonda’s education and varied experiences are a great asset to Eldercare and we hope she continues to enrich the lives of others with her many talents.

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