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Pneumonia is one of the most common lung infections caused by bacteria, virus or fungi. It affects more than 1 million adults in the United States, and is the cause of more than 50,000 deaths each year.

While most healthy individuals recover from pneumonia in 1-3 weeks, it can be a very serious illness for young children and older adults. Eldercare At Home can help individuals and families prevent and treat pneumonia by providing care and education at home. Our goal is to help reduce the number of hospitalizations caused by pneumonia by monitoring and educating our patients.


  • Educate patients on signs and symptoms to monitor and when to notify the MD
  • Assess breathing and lung status each visit
  • Track and monitor fluid intake and nutrition
  • Teach breathing exercises to expand and cleanse the lungs
  • Educate patients on Nebulizer
  • Medication management and education
  • Proper dosage
  • Frequency
  • Side effects



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